With her traditional art background and her state-of-the-art skills, Karen has been able to bridge two worlds and teach students how to apply traditional painting techniques to the digital canvas working with Painter. Karen believes everyone has the ability to draw and paint, but they need to learn how to progress. She saw a need within digital art education, so she founded the DAA in 2007 to help students achieve their artistic goals.


Karen attended Cabrillo College and studied art with a concentration on color and design. She discovered Corel Painter 20 years ago, and she has since enjoyed creating digital images. Karen believes traditional art principles can be applied digitally to produce artwork that defies distinction.

Programs and Accolades

  • Elite Painter Master

  • Webinar Presenter for Corel Painter

  • Corel Advisory Council Member Long Standing

  • Created Bob Ross brushes endorsed by Corel and Bob Ross Inc.

  • Corel Brush Pack Creator

  • Founder Of Digital Art Academy